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Every Drop Beauty Spatula

Every Drop Beauty Spatula



Useful for every travel kit – Don’t run out of product at the hotel, use Every Drop Beauty Spatula to retrieve the remaining product you cannot access.

Product applications include: Anti Aging Creams, Serums, Foundation, Keratin Hair Treatments, Hand Care Lotions, Body Care Creams, Bath Products, Mineral Makeup, Tanning products, any liquid, lotion or creams.  Made in China. Product shape is trademarked.

To Clean: Wash in room temperature soapy water before and after each use. Do not clean in dishwasher.

Storage: Do not leave in beauty containers for an extended time.

Features and benefits

  • Reusable
  • Washable
  • Use on tall bottles and short bottles.
  • Its handle bends to allow you to use the 3 different edges of its patented head. Use the shoulder edge to retrieve the majority of product that is trapped in each bottle’s shoulder. Use the side edge to retrieve product from the bottle’s sides and the tip to pull out product at the bottom. 

What people are saying?

  • Already in love! Need more for a kit, etc. Thanks for such a great product. Lindsey S.
  • The best thing ever invented. Jennifer M. 
  • I needed this tool so bad! This is the perfect thing to get more out of your makeup and skin care products. Robin B. 
  • That spatula ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!! Julie K.
  •  This is the best beauty tool. I have saved countless money by getting the rest of my products out of their containers. I have given one to all of the women in my family.  Kim B.


Q: What types of products can I use Pro Beauty Tools Beauty Spatula on?
Mineral Makeup
Hair Care products
Creams Lotions
Tanning lotions

Q: Is it reusable?
 Yes, it is washable and reusable.

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