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Virgo De Novo High Altitude Volume Mist

Virgo De Novo High Altitude Volume Mist


New container with pump allows you to deliver the product right to the root area!

Mega volume! Forget about teasing with High Altitude Volume Mist.

This fine powder will fluff up your hair without the need to tease it. But, if you just love to tease, pump the product into the root area to provide a base for your teasing to take hold.

Other Available Size: 6 grams


Less is better, you can always apply more.

This product is so easy to apply with our new pump container! Just lift sections of hair and press the pump to deliver product to the root area where you are looking for volume.

For 'Texas Big' hair, style your hair, then pump the powder on top of finished style, holding container 4-6 inches from hair. Then fluff hair for maximum volume.

For emphasizing the ends on short styles, apply product into ends.

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